Hose & Ladder Repair

Hose & Ladder Repair


Whether you’ve burned a hole in a hose or need custom made filler lines, AHL can help your department with our cost effective hose repair services. AHL can have your damaged hose back in service at a fraction of the cost of new hose!


  • Prior to repair, your hose is hydrostatic tested and inspected to insure it is economically feasible to make the repair. If the hose is good, we make the repairs using your existing couplings.
  • In the event new couplings are required, we can provide new NST couplings from 1.5” up to 6” in diameter. Couplings are available for both single and double jacketed hose, as well as Storz couplings.
  • If you need new whip lines or filler hoses, we can also provide the new hose to accommodate your needs.
  • After the hose is built, we perform a second hydrostatic test to ensure the repair meets NFPA specifications.



Why replace a costly ladder when you have a bent rung or broken part? At AHL we can quickly supply you with parts from Alco Lite or Duo Safety Ladder Companies, and we will be glad to walk you through the repair process.

In the event a ladder is damaged beyond repair, we can order you a new ladder from either Alco Lite or Duo Safety at a price lower than what you’ll find at most other websites. In addition, we can have your new ladder shipped direct to your station. See Ladder Sales tab above for a list of the ladders we have available.