Nozzle & Appliance Testing

Nozzle & Appliance Testing

Annual testing of Nozzles, Piston Intake Valves and other appliances is required by NFPA 1962.

AHL has the specialized equipment and experience to efficiently complete these tasks. Working with our state of the art draft commander we can accurately test your nozzles with clean clear water. Our system recycles the water saving thousands of gallons. In addition, we can test your piston intakes valves as well as other appliances having shut off valves. These tests can be conducted in conjunction with pump and ground ladder testing.

Recent tests show that approximately 20% of all nozzles are found to have faulty flow rates or mechanical issues. This is especially true regarding automatic nozzles.

Annual Nozzle & Appliance Testing includes;

Visual Inspection – to identify cracks, broken parts and other mechanical issues,

Hydrostatic Test – Appliance is tested to 300 PSI to insure valves do not leak, that the

on/off valve will work under pressure and that there are no cracks or other leaks in the appliance.

Flow Test – Each nozzle is flow tested to insure nozzle calibration and flow rates, Bar Coded Inventory Tags – Each devise is labeled with a bar coded inventory tag.

Reports – each device receives a report showing the results of the tests.