Ground Ladder Testing

Ground Ladder Testing


Our on-site ladder testing services can be performed in conjunction with Hose or Pump Tests, saving you time and money. Our professional staff of firefighters is thoroughly trained to accurately conduct tests according to NFPA 1932 Standards.

What we do…

  • Each ladder receives a through 15 Point VISUAL INSPECTION. Ladders are inspected for bent rungs and beams. We look for cuts, missing parts and excessive wear.
  • All ladders receive a HORIZONTAL BEND TEST. This test is used to ensure the structural integrity of the each ladder.
  • In addition to the tests listed above, the Hooks of each Roof Ladder are tested to ensure they are strong enough to withstand 1000 lbs. of weight without suffering any damage.
  • A Hardware Test is conducted on the locks of each Extension Ladder to insure it can withstand 1000 lbs. of weight and to verify the locking assembly works according to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Heat Sensors are also inspected to verify the ladder has not been overexposed to heat, and are replaced should they exceed their four year service life.

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